What is the best gym flooring for a garage?


Creating a home gym was once a luxury but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a necessity. Many people will think a workout needs to be about an hour long at a gym on the way home from work. But with a 20-minute class on your favorite workout app, you can accomplish the same exercise right at home. Depending on where you have your home gym set up, you will want to think about elevating your space with a new floor to up your training game.

You’ll want to ask yourself, what should I look for when selecting garage gym flooring? The material of your garage gym flooring plays a large part in how long it will last, how it looks and how safe it is. You will want garage gym flooring that has the following qualities:

  • Durability – The garage flooring needs to withstand many different activities, including yoga, weight lifting, HIIT training, exercise bikes, and other workouts. 
  • Insulation – No one wants cold feet when working out! 
  • Water resistant – Material that will not stain or degrade when sweat upon or if a drink spills. 
  • Low maintenance – Easy DIY setup because unrolling or unfolding a giant workout mat before and after every workout is tedious and time consuming. 
  • Convenience and versatility – Stylish flooring that is designed for home workouts and can be left in place after your workout is done.
  • Safe for the family – Between workouts, children may play in the garage and a safe non-slip garage flooring is essential. With so many companies claiming slip resistance, test standards such as ANSI 137.1 or pendulum for slip resistance will be the standard you should look for in garage flooring.
  • High-quality – A luxurious look and feel to make the space look upscale.

When you shop for garage gym flooring, you’ll need to know what type of durable options there are on the market to withstand home workouts. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Type of Gym Flooring

  • Epoxy garage gym flooring
    • Pros – resistant to harsh chemicals and water, easy to clean, appearance is clean and professional looking.
    • Cons – slippery, and therefore can be unsafe, installation can be difficult and is easy to mess up, costly, may have to hire a contractor therefore driving up your cost, requires you to leave the house when spray coating, doesn’t last long and you will eventually have to put a new coat on top of it.
  • Foam tiles garage gym flooring
    • Pros – cost-effective, lightweight, portable, easy to install
    • Cons – doesn’t last as long as other materials, can’t park or drive on it, looks cheap.
  • Rubber garage gym flooring
    • Pros – easy to clean, shock absorbent, sound dampening
    • Cons – breaks down more easily, heavy and difficult to install and move around, not insulated and will heat up when hot outside, will tear under the friction of your car tires, have to pay more to get a better rubber material

After viewing all the pros and cons of the most mainstream options in garage flooring,  take a look at an innovative, new type of gym flooring that has all the great qualities a garage floor needs.

Garage Grip® and all of its capabilities:

  • Next Level Durability – Garage Grip was originally designed to withstand industrial vehicles and equipment that weigh over 100,000 lbs. The material is scrim-reinforced for high impact resistance and has long been specified throughout the USA on Oil & Gas and construction projects. Garage Grip can easily withstand the demanding workouts and car parking. 
  • Versatility – Garage Grip provides all the features of a gym floor for heavy equipment, yoga, weightlifting and is designed for parking, so it doesn’t need to be moved – ever! 
  • Safety – Garage Grip meets and exceeds ANSI 137.1 slip resistance standards to provide safe and reliable grip when you jump, burpee, or any other high intensity exercises.
  • Insulation – Consider doing yoga or martial arts with bare feet on a cold concrete or epoxy floor – how uncomfortable! Garage Grip provides an insulated surface so you can walk around without socks and shoes during any cold or hot season.
  • Sound Mitigating – Garage Grip allows you to work out and make noise in the garage without disturbing your spouse or others around the house. 
  • Stain resistant – Cleaning off perspiration, sport drinks, and other potential spills when exercising is no sweat since Garage Grip is naturally stain resistant and anti-fungal.  

All in all, Garage Grip for your garage gym flooring has an innovative mix of materials that can withstand the harsh chemicals of your car, the strenuous gym equipment and friction of your car tires that will last for years.