The Limits of Plastic Tiles for Garage Floors: What Informed Consumers Should Know
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When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your garage, plastic tiles may seem like a convenient option at first. However, they come with several drawbacks that can diminish their practicality and performance. From the loud clacking sound they produce when walked or driven upon to their lack of waterproofing, plastic tiles can prove to be less than ideal for garage use. In this article, we will delve into the downsides of plastic tiles and present an alternative solution, Garage Grip®️ high-traction and waterproof flooring rolls, to better address these concerns.

1. Noise and Discomfort:

One of the major downsides of plastic tiles for garage flooring is the loud clacking sound they create when you walk or drive on them. This noise can be particularly bothersome, especially when spending many hours of the day in the garage. Moreover, the rigidity of plastic tiles can make them uncomfortable to kneel, walk or stand on for extended periods. This can become an issue when spending time in the garage or working on projects. Fortunately, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls offer a more comfortable and quieter alternative due to their insulating properties and cushioning effect.

2. Lack of Waterproofing:

Another drawback of plastic tiles is their limited waterproofing capability. They often have gaps that allow moisture, oil, and other liquids to seep beneath the tiles and become trapped. This can lead to stains and potential mold growth, compromising the cleanliness and appearance of your garage. On the other hand, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls feature a waterproof design that effectively prevents liquids from penetrating through, ensuring a clean and dry surface that is resistant to staining and mold development.

3. Slippery Surface:

Plastic tiles can pose a significant safety risk due to their slippery surface, particularly when exposed to moisture or oil spills. Slip and fall accidents in the garage can result in injuries and damage to vehicles or equipment. Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls, on the other hand, are specifically engineered to exceed ANSI 137.1 slip resistance safety standards. Their high-traction surface provides enhanced grip, even in wet or oily conditions, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.

4. Garage Grip®️: The Ultimate Solution:

Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls offer numerous advantages over plastic tiles for garage flooring. Firstly, their high-traction surface provides a secure footing, minimizing the risk of accidents. This is particularly crucial when dealing with water, oil drips, and snowy conditions. With Garage Grip®️, you can confidently walk, drive, or maneuver equipment in your garage without worrying about slipping or falling.

Additionally, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls possess insulating properties that reduce noise, making them quieter than plastic tiles. This is beneficial if you use your garage as a workshop or spend considerable time in the space. The insulating effect of Garage Grip®️ also helps to regulate temperature, providing a more comfortable environment.

Furthermore, the waterproof design of Garage Grip®️ ensures that oil, moisture, and other liquids do not seep beneath the surface. This prevents stains, protects the underlying garage floor, and eliminates the potential for mold growth. Cleaning is made easy as well, as Garage Grip®️ can be effortlessly hosed off or cleaned with a cold water pressure washer.

Lastly, the installation process is hassle-free with Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls. Unlike plastic tiles that require meticulous alignment and assembly, Garage Grip®️ simply rolls out, allowing for a quick and straightforward installation. This saves time and effort, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts.

While plastic tiles may initially seem like a practical choice for garage flooring, they come with several downsides including noise, lack of waterproofing, and slippery surfaces. 

Fortunately, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls provide an effective solution to overcome these challenges. With their high-traction surface, waterproof design, and insulating properties, Garage Grip®️ offers a safer, quieter, and more comfortable garage environment.