The Best Non Slip Garage Flooring for Snow Containment


With so many garage flooring products on the market advertised as “non slip”, it can be difficult for online shoppers to truly know how effective various products really are at preventing slips and falls. Consumers searching for helpful tips when selecting non-slip garage flooring and snow containment will find a thorough and technical review of the relevant factors below.

Garage Grip

Non Slip Test Standards to Look For

1. ANSI 137.1 DCOF

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the A137.1-2012 American National Standard test for measuring dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of common hard-surface indoor level floor materials in 2012. This ANSI standard was incorporated as a requirement in “Section 2103.6 Ceramic Tile” of the 2012 International Building Code published by the International Code Council. (It was removed for the next edition in 2015.) That section states that “Ceramic tile shall be defined in, and shall conform to the requirements of, ANSI A137.1.” ANSI published A326.3 in 2017, which uses the same test method as A137.1, but allows for flooring other than ceramic tile to be tested, adds some disclaimers, and describes the method for testing in the field.  The ANSI A137.1 standard, Section, states that: “Unless otherwise specified, tiles suitable for level interior spaces expected to be walked upon wet shall have a wet DCOF of 0.42 or greater.”

2. AS HB198:2014 (AS/NZS 4586) Pendulum Test

Pendulum is the national standard test device for pedestrian slip resistance in at least 50 nations on five continents and has been endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America since 2001. It has been in continuous use since 1970 for assessing slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces, and is the most widely accepted slip resistance test device worldwide. The trailing edge of a three-inch-wide spring-loaded slider, which is attached to the end of a 20-inch pendulum, contacts the tested surface when the pendulum is released from a horizontal position. The pendulum pushes a pointer that stops and stays at the high point of the pendulum’s swing. For more information and video, please visit

The Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) and United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) make a more general recommendation and say that a minimum pendulum test value of 36 for level floors is considered “low slip potential”. 

Conclusion: Consumers should be skeptical of garage flooring products that promote themselves as “non slip” but do not meet (or even publish) test results for either of these two non slip test standards. For home or shop owners looking for the most demanding and widely accepted slip resistance test standard in their garage floor mat, the pendulum test is the winner. 

Snow Containment Features to Look For


Epoxy flooring and vinyl rolls are slippery when wet and are ineffective at preventing the spread of melting snow and ice. The greater the surface area that is covered by spreading water, the more likely it is for a slip and fall incident. That’s why material absorbency is key. 


As important as absorbency is waterproofing. An absorbent garage floor mat that is not waterproof can still stain the floor beneath. With waterproofing being loosely defined and marketed, it is also critical to look out for the term “scrim-reinforced”, which means that there exists two layers of waterproofing reinforced by a durable internal scrim layer to help prevent punctures, tearing, and material expansion. 

Resistance to Magnesium Chloride

This is especially important for residents of Colorado and other municipalities that use magnesium chloride, which can be highly corrosive to concrete. A waterproof and magnesium chloride resistant garage flooring cover can help prevent costly damage to concrete garage floors and driveways. 

Featured Non Slip Garage Flooring for Snow Containment: GARAGE GRIP™ by Rig Grip Inc.

Some garage flooring products provide substantial waterproofing and durability. Others offer absorbency and slip resistance. Rarely do the two combine in one product, and that is why GARAGE GRIP patented garage flooring rolls are our recommended solution for slip resistance, snow containment, and durability. 

Some of the highlighted features and benefits of this brand include: 

  • Exceeds both ANSI 137.1 and Pendulum slip resistance test standards
  • Industrial grade durability
  • Resistant to magnesium chloride
  • Specified by Fortune 500 Oil & Gas companies to prevent oil spills in sub-zero and rugged conditions
  • Scrim-reinforced and absorbent 
  • Stain resistant and easy to vacuum 
  • Non-slip surface sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Made in the USA