Garage Grip for Play

What do you use your garage for? If you simply answered, ‘for parking my car,’ you are in the minority of people in the United States. A survey of realtors reveals that garages ranked higher as a desirable storage space for homebuyers than basements or attics (Braun Research survey). And about 9% of Americans rent storage space, even though 65% of those homeowners have a garage. (Self Storage Association stat). Needless to say, Americans are using their garage as second storage and perhaps a living space so why not upgrade it to a nice, livable playroom for your children?

Dedicate your garage for kids to get their wiggles out, especially for those rainy days. When planning to simultaneously convert your garage to a playroom, finding the right flooring can be a real challenge. Luckily, Garage Grip ® can solve for both functioning rooms in one place. 

The best garage floor mat to park your car and double as a playroom for your kids includes these features:

    • Easy to Clean & Water Resistant – Spills? No problem! Garage Grip is stain-resistant, water-repellent, and designed to make it easy to clean. 
    • Easy to Install – No-fuss assembly that’s a quick and easy DIY project.
    • Made to Last – Its rugged and durable materials were created to last through the toughest wear-and-tear environments.
    • Non-Slip Grip Traction – Our heavy-duty, patented material has a commercial-grade non-slip backing to keep you stabilized and in control through all types of weather. Keeps little feet on the ground and safe from slips and falls.
    • Insulating and Noise Mitigating – The natural insulation muffles loud, reverberating noises from cars and let your kids play with their outside voices. 
    • Anti-Fatigue – Easy on the joints for more playtime with its multi-layer protection.
    • Chemical Resistant – Oil and chemical spills from your parked car? No problem! Garage Grip is stain-resistant, water-repellent, and designed to make your life easier.
    • Eco-Friendly – Sustainably manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Approximately 330 bottles are recycled for enough material to fit a one-car garage.
    • Made in USA – Officially manufactured and delivered from the United States 
    • Fast and Free Shipping – for orders delivered within the USA.

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