Garage Grip for Lounging

So you’re wanting to convert your garage into the ultimate lounging pad for entertaining friends or a place to retreat. The perfect hangout spot needs to look and feel calm, cool, and satisfying. An overlooked garage is a perfect space to transform into a suitable hangout spot to unwind, relax and entertain after a long day. You can easily remodel your garage into your own hideaway with these simple 5 steps below to enjoy for years to come. It’s easier than you think!

Elements to take your garage to an ultimate hangout spot

1. Wall finishing

Most garage walls are made of unfinished drywall. Even if your walls are painted, they may not have the same texture as the rest of your home. Finish off the walls with texture and a fresh coat of paint so it feels more like a part of your house. For more inspiration, check out HGTV’s article on how to choose garage walls

2. New Lighting

The chances that you have the light bulb hanging from the ceiling and the garage door opener in your garage are pretty big. You might not be able to change the door opener light but you can enhance the other light by upgrading to a new fixture. 

3. Custom Shelves

Building a custom wall-to-wall set of cabinets can be a cost-effective and easy way to keep everything in order in your new lounge space. 

4. Furniture & Decorations

Finish off your lounging area with modern couches, game tables, electronics and contemporary furnishings to combine for an intimate gathering and conversation spot.

5. Flooring

Basic concrete doesn’t exactly scream comfort and luxury, especially if it has cracks and oil stains all over the place. Instead of paying for rubber tiles and installing basic carpet that you would have to rip out if you ever needed your garage back, you can use Garage Grip which is extremely versatile, easy to clean, water resistant and is easy to install and remove (just to name a few of the benefits). Learn more about Garage Grip.

Garage Grip is the best flooring to convert your garage or basement into an ultimate lounging space. It has the following features:

  • Easy to Install – No-fuss assembly that’s a quick and easy DIY project.
  • Insulating and Noise Mitigating – The natural insulation muffles loud, reverberating noises from cars and loud music that won’t disturb the neighbors. Easy to Clean & Water Resistant – Spills? No problem! Garage Grip is stain-resistant, water-repellent, and designed to make it easy to clean. 
  • Chemical Resistant – Oil and chemical spills from your parked car? No problem! Garage Grip is stain-resistant, water-repellent, and designed to make your life easier.
  • Made to Last – Its rugged and durable materials were created to last through the toughest wear-and-tear environments.
  • Non-Slip Grip Traction – Our heavy-duty, patented material has a commercial-grade non-slip backing to keep you stabilized and in control through all types of weather.
  • Anti-Fatigue – Easy on the joints with its multi-layer protection.
  • Eco-Friendly – Sustainably manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Approximately 330 bottles are recycled for enough material to fit a one-car garage.
  • Made in USA – Officially manufactured and delivered from the United States.
  • Fast and Free Shipping – for orders delivered within the USA.

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