Garage Grip®️ Flooring Rolls: The Ultimate Solution for Snow Containment and Slip Resistance


As winter arrives, it brings with it the challenges of snow, ice, and the need for proper snow containment. In addition, the threat of slips and falls in the garage due to water, oil drips, sleet, and snow becomes a significant concern. Traditional flooring options such as vinyl roll-outs and epoxy coatings often fall short in addressing these issues. However, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls rise to the occasion, offering a range of benefits that prioritize snow containment and slip resistance while safeguarding against the damaging effects of street salts and magnesium chloride.

1. Protection against Degradation:

Garage floors are susceptible to degradation caused by street salts and magnesium chloride, which are commonly used for snow and ice removal. These chemicals gradually deteriorate the surface of the floor, leading to cracks, discoloration, and potential structural damage. However, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls feature a waterproof design and a chemical-resistant formula that offers exceptional protection against harmful degradation. This ensures that your garage floor remains intact and maintains its visual appeal even in the harshest winter conditions.

2. Superior Slip Resistance:

Slips and falls in the garage can be hazardous, especially when dealing with water, oil drips, sleet, and snow. Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls are designed to exceed the ANSI 137.1 slip resistance safety standards. With their high-traction surface, these flooring rolls provide exceptional grip, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety. Whether you’re walking, driving, or maneuvering equipment in your garage, Garage Grip®️ ensures stable footing, giving you peace of mind during the winter months.

3. Easy and Fast Roll-Out Installation:

Installing Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls is a breeze with their convenient roll-out design. Unlike complicated and time-consuming alternatives like epoxy coatings, the DIY installation process is quick and hassle-free. Simply roll out the flooring and trim it to fit your garage space. This user-friendly installation method allows you to save time and effort, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of Garage Grip®️ as soon as possible.

4. Effortless Cleaning:

Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls make maintenance a breeze. When it comes to cleaning, you can simply hose off the surface or use a cold water pressure washer. The flooring’s durable and non-porous material is resistant to stains, oil, and other spills, making it easy to keep your garage floor clean and tidy. With Garage Grip®, you can say goodbye to the tedious scrubbing and difficult stain removal often associated with vinyl roll-outs and epoxy coatings.

5. The Downside of Vinyl Roll-Out Flooring and Epoxy:

While vinyl roll-out flooring and epoxy coatings are popular choices for garage floors, they often fall short in terms of slip resistance. Vinyl roll-outs, in particular, can be slippery when wet, posing a safety hazard in winter conditions. Epoxy coatings, while providing a smooth and glossy finish, can also become slippery when exposed to moisture. These options may not provide the necessary traction and slip resistance required for a safe and secure garage environment.

When it comes to snow containment and slip resistance in the garage, Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls offer unparalleled benefits. With their waterproof design, chemical-resistant formula, and high-traction surface, they protect against degradation, exceed slip resistance safety standards, and enhance overall safety. The easy and fast roll-out installation process, along with effortless cleaning, makes Garage Grip®️ a convenient choice for homeowners. Say goodbye to the hazards of vinyl roll-outs and epoxy coatings and embrace the superior performance of Garage Grip®️ flooring rolls for a safer, more secure garage space throughout the winter season.