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Yes. Garage Grip’s textile surface helps to contain snow and sleet during winter months.

Yes. The non-slip ribbed pattern is low pile and therefore easy to wheel over for woodworking or mechanical needs.  

The material is 100% synthetic and will not self -ignite. If exposed to a continuous open flame, the material will melt, but not ignite.   

Garage Grip’s published melting point is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and cold bend rating is -40 F. The product is also long-term weathering resistant, including UV, and is scrim-reinforced to maintain material flexibility in cold weather and to prevent expansion and contraction when the temperature swings. Compare these features with sheet vinyl garage flooring rolls, which tend to buckle when the temperature suddenly swings, and with epoxy that tends to flake and peel over a relatively short amount of time.   

Garage Grip® is designed for regular car parking and is internally reinforced with a high-puncture resistant scrim matrix. Garage Grip is specified throughout North America by Fortune 500 Oil & Gas and Electric Power companies beneath industrial vehicles and equipment to prevent spills from polluting the environment. Garage Grip provides the public with an industrial grade option for people seeking high quality and long-lasting floor protection.

The material itself is completely waterproof. It is recommended that the mat be applied to a smooth, clean and dry concrete sub floor. If water makes its way under the mat, lift the mat and allow the water to evaporate to prevent mold or mildew. It is recommended to repair any cracks in your concrete floor before installing to help prevent water from getting trapped under the mat. 

Yes. Garage Grip exceed ANSI 137.1 slip resistance test standard wet and dry and the international pendulum test standard for slip and fall prevention. Garage Grip has been specified by American construction and industrial companies for years to prevent slips and falls in wet and cold environments.

Yes. Garage Grip’s non-slip surface is produced with 100% post-consumer polyester that is derived from recycled plastic bottles. Approximately 247 recycled plastic bottles are used to manufacture a 7’6″x22’ roll of Garage Grip. For more details about our legacy of sustainable manufacturing, please visit our sustainability page . 

Yes this product is resistant to sulfuric acid and was engineered to be driven on. It is resistant to oils, salts, battery acid, and anti freeze (ethylene glycol). It is advised that chemical and oil spills be wiped up quickly as any harsh chemical could eventually stain or absorb into the product if neglected for a long time.  

Yes. We proudly source our 100% of our raw materials and manufacture 100% of our finished products in the USA.   

Garage Grip is extremely pliable. The material’s internal scrim matrix and TPO plastic resin provide cutting-edge reinforced flexibility that performs at a high level in both hot and freezing weather.  

Garage Grip’s nonslip surface texture is non-abrasive and soft to the touch.

For day-to-day cleaning of debris and other dry substances, vacuuming is recommended. Leaf blowers and similar devices also work well. For spills and liquids, pressure washing or hosing down the product is quick and effective. You can squeegee the mat as well. The patterned non-slip surface material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is therefore naturally stain resistant. For large spills, it is recommended to use generic detergent such as Dawn to speed up cleaning. 


Yes. Garage Grip® is extremely puncture and tear resistant but can be easily cut and trimmed with heavy duty scissors or a utility knife. The product is easy to handle, cut, and shape. 

Rolls are on cores, packaged with heavy duty paper, sleeves and shrink wrapped. Bar codes identify the roll # and production run for QAQC purposes.

Yes, Garage Grip is designed for a simple and quick DIY install. There are three ways you can install.  

  1. Unfold, unroll, and free float in place. 
  2. Use 3-4” wide EPDM double-sided tape to secure the panels to the concrete floor. 


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