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Our Story

We not only make the most durable garage flooring but through over 110 years of sustainability, we’ve innovated our product to empower your dynamic lifestyle.

Starting in 1911 as Rig Grip, Inc., our company was built on a mission that rests on a bedrock of cutting-edge innovation and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

For over four generations, our family’s business history has been built on the manufacturing business within the USA.

Our Sustainability Mission

While environmental responsibility and customer-obsession is now an ideal prioritized by many companies, at Rig Grip Inc., it has been and will continue to be the common thread that weaves together our family history and how we do business.

Sustainability is in our Roots

Rig Grip Inc. traces its beginnings to A. Weinstein and Son, a wool trading and blending company. In 1911, the company started a tradition of environmental responsibility by buying recycled wool and selling it to be processed into other manufactured products. After the Second World War, Charles Weinstein (my grandfather) broadened the company’s products through the purchase of recycled synthetics to manufacture yarn and blankets.

He was aware of his customer needs by utilizing nylon tow from the World War II glider towing the line and recycled the material for the manufacturing of yarn for sweaters. He created a new product for this niche market.

Adapting and Evolving is our Game

During the 1980s, Charles’ son, Reuben Weinstein (my father) launched American Engineered Fabrics, Inc. and Boom Environmental Products to produce and distribute a full line of 100% post consumer-based geosynthetic products.

When the Exxon Valdez hit the rocks, it instantly sparked the emergence of the oil absorbents industry. Weinstein was ready to meet the challenge by quickly turning the family’s textile company in a new direction.

Trust & Reliability is in our Name

In 2014, Rig Grip Inc. was established by Reuben and me to provide leading energy companies with premium non-slip, rugged, and all-weather containment liners to protect workers from slips and falls and the environment from oil and chemical spills.

Companies that continue to choose Rig Grip include ConocoPhillips, EOG, Chevron, and PG&E. We are proud of our contribution to the safety of our energy workers and to the environment.

Where We Are Today

After years of our customer’s special ordering Rig Grip for their garages at home, in 2020, it was time to make Garage Grip officially open to the public. Unlike commodity vinyl sheets or epoxy which can be a tedious installation process and very slippery when wet, Garage Grip has been tested in the most rugged terrain and demanding conditions in the U.S. industry.

We are inspired by our customers who are using Garage Grip in dynamic ways such as for working, parking, playing, training, and traveling. Overall, it was designed with you in mind to enhance your well-rounded lifestyle.

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