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Patented Garage Flooring Designed to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Since we’re all spending more time at home, every inch of space can be converted to maximize life’s various activities. Garage Grip’s rapid DIY install and unique combination of features and benefits make it the ideal flooring solution for a parking area, home gym, creative workshop, productive home office, recreational room for the kids or a mancave to kick back and relax.

Car Parking

Garage floors tend to get beat up the most. Not only do they end up dirty, they are also exposed to chemicals and oils from cars, lawn mowers, and other stored machines. Garage Grip is durable, easy to clean, waterproof and stain-resistant, making it an ideal choice for garage flooring


For an exercise enthusiast, a garage or basement can be a great place to set up a home gym. Concrete, however, can be tough on joints. Garage Grip patented flooring rolls provide a cushioned, waterproof, and anti-slip surface to train on each and every day.

Home Office

We are all spending more time at home and a home office is increasingly becoming a must. With Garage Grip, you can turn your garage or basement into a functional and versatile home office.


Parents want their children to have a fun and safe time while playing. Garage Grip is insulating, waterproof for accidents & spills, and meets ANSI 137.1 non slip safety standards.

Recreational Room

Convert your garage or basement into a cozy living space with Garage Grip which is easy to install, durable, safe and stylish

Premium Performing Garage Flooring with a Luxury Design

Garage Grip® patented garage flooring exists to transform your garage into a safe, versatile, and low maintenance room. Quick to install, decorative, and easy to clean, Garage Grip is sustainably made in the U.S.A. with recycled materials and with two layers of rugged waterproofing that protects the garage floor from stains and degradation.

Made from the same company that brought you Rig Grip®, Garage Grip brings the same durability and material stability needed to support 100,000 lb. vehicles and protection from concrete eroding street salts such as magnesium chloride to your home.

From Protecting Industry to Your Home

Garage Grip professional-grade flooring covers uniquely furnish, winterize, and protect garage floors. Specified by Fortune 500 Oil & Gas and Electric Power companies to prevent oil and chemical spills from polluting the environment throughout North America, Garage Grip is regularly deployed beneath industrial vehicles and in rugged terrain.

Non-abrasive, naturally stain resistant, and waterproof, Garage Grip is the ideal versatile flooring solution for non slip parking, relaxing, exercising, and working.

Why Garage Grip®?

Easy to install

Quick and easy assembly of large sizes.

Non-slip grip

Meets and exceeds ANSI 137.1 test standard for slip resistance. Effectively contains the spread of snow and sleet during winter months.

Made to last

Born in American industry to be deployed under industrial trucks and equipment, GARAGE GRIP is heavy-duty and scrim reinforced.

Waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean

Spills? No problem! Garage Grip is waterproof, stain and chemical resistant, and easy to vacuum and hose down


Easy on the joints with it’s heavy-duty multi-layer protection.

Insulating and noise mitigating

Keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The natural insulation muffles loud, reverberating noises from cars, instruments, and gym equipment.


Non slip surfacing is 100% sustainably manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Made in USA

Proudly committed to manufacturing in the US heartland. Free shipping for orders delivered in the USA.

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Our Sustainability Mission

A commitment to the environment is rooted in four generations of our family’s businesses. Garage Grip’s eco-friendly surface is manufactured from 100% post-consumer polyester. Over 650 plastic bottles are recycled to produce the Garage Grip needed to cover the average two car garage.

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